Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cupcake Experiment 1

The experimentation has begun, and it was relatively successful.
I wanted to try a white velvet cake, so I used the same batter for two different kinds of cupcakes. 
The first cupcake had a ricotta and strawberry filling (ricotta being an adventure ingredient) and was topped with chocolate frosting. I am not a big ricotta fan, but my family approved of the filling :) And the frosting turned out wonderfully. It would be so good just to dip fruit in. The cake recipe, on the other hand, not wonderful. It tasted like cornbread. How, I have no idea, because it contained neither corn nor cornmeal. I think I will try the same cupcake with a white or butter cake next time. (Sorry for my poor decorating skills...I need to buy some new piping tips.) 
For the second cupcake, I added meyer lemon juice and zest (another adventure ingredient) and pieces of semisweet chocolate to the white velvet batter. I frosted it with a marshmallow frosting. The concept was pretty good, but I'm not sure if it's a keeper. The frosting was turned out well, both with and without cocoa powder. 
Happy baking (or eating)!

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